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5 Players Manchester United Should Consider Getting Rid Of

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5 Players Manchester United Should Consider Letting Go

Man United Players
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Manchester United's 2013-14 season has been their worst in Premier League history. The blame is really being placed on two areas -- manager David Moyes and a squad without enough quality.

There is no denying Moyes is doing a very poor job right now. He has more than enough quality to get into the top four of the ´╗┐EPL; as the title picture shows, this squad was champions last season. But it is strikingly clear some players in the squad are simply not good enough for United any more.

Every club needs a big squad, however, and that is why this list is more of a consideration rather than a 'clear out' type of view that we are commonly seeing online currently. Squad players are vital and getting rid of any more than five players who are in and around the first team could back fire. United does have players who are taking up the wage bill and places on the team sheet when they wouldn't actually be missed.

United needs to bring in new talent, new world class players who can spark an excitement back at Old Trafford. However, first they must get rid of the dead wood. Whoever is the manager in the summer must focus on acquisitions, as that is a priority. But letting go of familiar faces will allow room for newer faces to come in. A new era needs a new feel, a new perspective and thus, new players. There are many players still in that United squad who will forever be looked upon with admiration for their past success, but it is now time to say goodbye, no matter what they've achieved.

Stowe Gregory is a writer for Rant Sports. Follow him @stowegregory on Twitter.

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5. Ashley Young

Ashley Young Leave Man United
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At 28, you can't see Ashley Young getting any better, can you? His reputation and confidence have clearly taken a huge blow in recent seasons. Cashing in on Young, allowing for a new winger to come in, would be a wise move.

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4. Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand Leave Man United
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Rio Ferdinand's contract expires this summer, meaning at the age of 35, United is in a position to choose whether he is worthy of another year at the club.

The answer is no. He's no longer anywhere near the player he was around six years ago (his peak), and younger players such as Chris Smalling and Phil Jones deserve the chance to start ahead of a player set for retirement soon.

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3. Tom Cleverley

Tom Cleverley Leave Man United
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In some ways, you almost feel sorry for Tom Cleverley. At 24, he is playing for the club he has been a fan of since he was a child and has won a League title, but since Moyes arrived, everything has gone downhill. He's become the scapegoat for poor performances from the team, but it is clear he isn't good enough to be a man who can drive the club forward. He has talent, and it would perhaps be best for him to move on and show everyone he has that, rather than stay in an environment where the best talent in the world is expected.

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2. Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra Leave Man United
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At 32 years old, the splitting of Patrice Evra and United has been looming for quite some time. It seems only the lack of competition at left back is keeping him in the team now. His performances have been slipping for years and it's evident now that he is a real weakness in a United side needing results. He's still a decent player, but a fresh face in for a man who is on the decline would be wise.

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1. Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs Leave Man United
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Ryan Giggs deserves respect when talking about his time at United. His career club has been spectacular, but at 40, there is no future as a player for him. It's time to depart the playing field, as the United team must look to the future.

It's sad that a career full of highs may end with disappointment, but he and fans will understand that it is for the best.