Liverpool: Steven Gerrard Captaining Best Side in Years

By Aydin Reyhan
Liverpool Will Continue to Rely on Steven Gerrard
Getty Images

Anfield is arguably the best stadium to attend a game in England, and this is not based on how amazing the supporters are or how it is designed. Instead, it is the dedication and desire that lays within the colors of the club… the ever so magnificent Liverpool.

The Premier League is where the the men representing this historic team ply their trades. Whether they play well or unfortunately have a bad game here and there, the fans truly never let them walk alone. This is what makes this club such a brilliant one to support and bear witness to.

Now, let’s take a look at a player who has represented Liverpool for the entirety of his career. He wears No. 8 on his jersey and is the prestigious captain of the club. Also, he is the fan-favorite of every single player on the roster. He had a change of heart some years ago when he was about to sign for the London-based club, Chelsea. A day prior to signing the contract, Steven Gerrard decided to stay home.

One of his best qualities is making sure that everyone around him is happy. This past summer, top striker Luis Suarez was about to join a club that would play Champions League soccer whether it be in the Premier League or elsewhere in Europe. If it weren’t for captain Gerrard spending countless hours persuading him to stay, Liverpool would be missing their lead goal scorer.

In addition to being led by a loyal captain. the club is finally heading towards a brighter light with players such as Daniel Sturridge, Phillippe Coutinho and Raheem Sterling all stepping up to play a quicker, more exciting and overall improved style that has been bringing them much success.

Along with some other phenomenal talent, this club truly should be considered that it is one of the best in years, and Gerrard has the honor of captaining the ship which is embarking on a brand new adventure.

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