World Cup: German National Team's Camp in Bahia Is Innovative

By Douglas Smith
Campo Bahia German National Team
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It was revealed in December that due to an inability to find proper facilities in Brazil, the German National Team was building its own complex for the World Cup. Known as Campo Bahia, the complex will have living quarters and all the amenities for the team to be fully trained and replenished during the major tournament. Building their own facility shows innovation in the shadow of winning and cements Germany’s place as a favorite to hoist the FIFA World Cup trophy.

The funding for the location came from a Munich entrepreneur despite Die Mannschaft personnel saying this resort was not being built specifically for them. Team manager Oliver Bierhoff has said that the complex in Santo Andre, Bahia is not being built to their wishes. Campo Bahia should be more than adequate for the team featuring 14 two-story homes for players and personnel, a soccer field and a media center. The photo aboves features a common area for dining, team meetings and regeneration.

With many other national teams being relegated to sub-par hotels this move is a great way to remove undue tension. It also cuts down on travel as much as is possible in the sprawling Brazilian landscape. The team will be 45 minutes away from the airport in Porto Seguro, which will be a safer drive than Rio or other cities can offer. Bierhoff also cited experiences from the 2010 World Cup as a reason to have a the base in Bahia.

We saw at the previous World Cup in 2010 that short distances between team headquarters, training pitches and media center are crucial for everyone involved.

There is innovation throughout the process as a high fence has been constructed for security reasons along with stationed guards to keep the premises safe. However, the wall’s height is said to keep spotlight for evening construction from upsetting surrounding wildlife and those that earn a living fishing in the area. Once the World Cup ends Campo Bahia will be used as a sports and nature resort, including a partnership for soccer clinics with a local orphanage.

The German National Team will have peace of mind and a sense of home while other teams may deal with chaos and downtrodden facilities. Communication will be easier and there will be less intrusions.  Building their own complex eliminates hassle and staples Germany as a favorite. However, finding a beneficial future use for the facility is worthy of praise.

Being about 35 feet from the beach can’t hurt either.

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