Tom Cleverley Needs To Leave Manchester United To Save His Career

By Stowe Gregory
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Tom Cleverley should leave Manchester United for a new club to save his career and improve himself.

The 24-year-old British international has come under a huge amount of criticism this season, with England fans especially turning on him for average performances. An online petition with over 10,000 signatures was made in an attempt to convince England manager Roy Hodgson not to take Cleverley to the World Cup,.

With United in a state of transition, he needs to leave Old Trafford in order to further his own career. When Cleverley burst onto the scene with Wigan (on loan) and then United, he was an exciting, technically gifted, attack-minded bright new hope. With a few injuries, that began to change. Cleverley lost the chance to play in that more advanced position, and was placed by Sir Alex Ferguson in a deeper role. He didn’t necessarily shine there, but was doing a more than decent job for a United system that enjoyed success.

But now under David Moyes, Cleverley has become a deep-playing midfielder, and he really doesn’t offer much there. He lacks the creativity we once saw from him and in a team playing poorly, he stands out as a liability. English football followers are brutal, and clearly can’t understand why Cleverley deserves a place in their national team’s squad.

If Cleverley were to move on, I can see his career and reputation being saved. He is talented player, and is still young. At a club smaller than the massive United, he is likely to get more chances in that role of a more attacking midfielder like he once seemed destined to be.

Away from the UK or in the Premier League, Cleverley will prove people wrong. But under Moyes and in the shadow of so many world class talents, his game is hampered and will struggle to improve. He is having as bland and unimpressive a season as the majority of United players, but due to his consistent selection in the England squad, criticism towards him has been taken a step too far. It’s now a barrage of abuse and exaggerated analysis.

He’s at a crossroads in his career, and the turn away from the club he loves might just be the best call.

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