Juventus Appears to Be Snubbing the Europa League

By Riccardo Di Julio
Picture provided by Juventus’ official Facebook page

It is historically well known. Besides some very relevant titles and records achieved at an international level, Juventus‘ glory has mostly taken place within the Italian boarders in domestic competitions. Even this season, despite having a very competitive roster in every department, it appears that the Bianconeri will end up “only” winning their third consecutive Scudetto.

As a matter of fact, after the very failing adventure in Champions League and the unfortunate elimination in Coppa Italia against Roma, now the Old Lady appears to be struggling also in the third Cup of the year, the Europa League. Unlike the Champions League, however, this year’s edition of this tournament appears to be ideally made for a Juventus’ victory for several reasons.

Above all, besides the obvious fact that its final will actually be held at the Juventus Stadium, there is the fact that winning the Europa League will finally allow the club to formally return, in every single sense, back where they belong after the dark years of Calciopoli. It is the most ideal title to win, considering that the Champions League might be “out of its league” in this specific moment of history.

Despite all this, the club’s main priorities seem to only be related to the desire of winning the third Serie A title with more than 100 points in the standings. In fact, as suggested by the Gazzetta dello Sport, the players would have been offered a huge bonus in case of performing such an achievement.

For this reason, as the 100 points in the league must not be taken for granted, manager Antonio Conte appears to be snubbing the Europa League, to the extent of not always lining the best players up for rotating purposes. The clearest example: putting the starting couple of Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente against Fiorentina in Serie A, to then choose Sebastian Giovinco and Pablo Osvaldo against the same team in the European match.

Of course, there is no doubt that Juventus’ second-line players are perfectly capable of defeating the Viola and progress in the Europa League, despite the 1-1 draw at home. However, the actual issue is not whether or not they will win it because they could potentially, but precisely the unexplained fact that a domestic record is somehow more important than an international title.

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