Champions League: Chelsea Sweep Sorry Galatasaray At Bridge

By Aydin Reyhan
Didier Drogba Galatasaray Chelsea UCL
Getty Images

Galatasaray played one of their most unexpectedly bad games of the season thus far in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. The game ended 2-0 in favor of the hosts, but the visitors were so lucky not to have their goal be obliterated.

This game also marked the anticipated return of Stamford bridge hero Didier Drogba, as he represented the Turkish champions up top as an attacking force. Well, he certainly failed to do his job, as he was nothing short of an absent threat to the back line of Chelsea. The Ivorian striker could not keep up with his teammates or opponents, which once again proved that his age, 36, is finally beginning to catch up to him.

Drogba was not the only subpar player, as everyone else on the pitch, besides Felipe Melo and Fernando Muslera, truly fell asleep and felt the pressure of the home side. Melo was cautioned and Muslera let in a couple of weak goals due to his defenders failing to mark their men in the area. This was nothing short of unacceptable, as the Turkish champions played with their tails between their legs. Losing 2-0 should be considered a prayer for a team that let their opponents boss them around for 90 minutes.

Samuel Eto’0 and Gary Cahill scored the only goals of the game that were due to the lazy defending by Gala. The awful defending was one thing, but the inability to construct a successful attack made this game a sorry one for the visiting supporters, and for those watching at home. The foreign stars could not influence the domestic ones, as even Roberto Mancini was surprised by his team’s lack of effort on both ends of the ball.

Some may blame the smallness of the field at Stamford Bridge, but most know better, as that is not an excuse. The game is 11 vs. 11, and both sides have what it takes to make things happen. Unfortunately, tonight was a game where the Turkish side decided not to show up. Therefore, an embarrassing exit at this stage is exactly what they deserved.

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