Hulk Proves He is Too Good for Russia

By Aydin Reyhan
Hulk Zenit Brazil La Liga premier League
Getty Images

Zenit may be out of the Champions League after a 5-4 aggregate loss against Borussia Dortmund, but one of today’s goalscorers struck an absolute gem into the back of the net from a long distance. Who is this guy? Hulk, the Brazilian international winger who is plying his trade for the Russian top division side.

After today’s goal and many others for the club, it is more than obvious that he is simply too talented and too hungry to stay tamed in this league. Sure he may have joined for the money and to help improve the quality of the game in that region, but it is time for him to realize his full potential by playing in a league where there are others like him.

La Liga has teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid which can all use his skill, pace, strength and overall ability to change the game in an instant. He would most likely fit in best at Real or Atletico, as these teams do depend on some individual brilliance every now and then. He could truly be a star in this country.

The Premier League has stadiums that are much narrower than others, but this could be an advantage for a player of his quality as he can create space on his own and can even get others involved in an instant. He is a big guy so the physical toll will not be as bad as most others have it. He could be of good use to Chelsea, Liverpool or even Tottenham Hotspur. Those three clubs have stars, but he could add that extra something they all require to go to the next level.

The point is simple: Hulk is practically wasting his time in Russia where it is extremely cold and not too enjoyable to play. If he wants to make money and play in front of the best fans in the world, he needs to join one of the aforementioned leagues. He has plenty to offer to the bigger clubs and if he wants to succeed in starting for his country deservedly, he needs to depart right after the season when the Transfer Window finally reopens.

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