MLS Rumors: David Villa May Be Coming To A Club Near You

By Jackee Arce
David Villa to MLS Rumors
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A Spanish website has reported that David Villa has received offers from MLS clubs. These supposed offers stem from the fact that his contract with Atletico Madrid ends next June, and he has yet to be offered a contract extension. Anytime a star European player is in this situation, the MLS rumors begin. I don’t see why they wouldn’t renew the Spanish striker’s contract seeing how he’s had 31 appearances with the club and scored 11 goals.

I think it would be a loss for Atletico to let Villa go. Ever since he broke his leg while playing with FC Barcelona, he has been a little injury prone, but when he’s fit, he’s an amazing player. Between Villa, Koke and Diego Costa, Atletico is set for goal scorers. These are the guys who are able to give Real Madrid and Barcelona a challenge on good days and keep Atletico at the top of the table. Who could they possibly get to replace someone like Villa?

Of course, the MLS would be lucky to have him. He would be the same kind of powerful striker seen in Robbie Keane and Henry Thierry. Whatever club decides to sign him will gain a powerful asset to their club. Maybe he will join former Barcelona teammate Carles Puyol at NYCFC, if that rumor becomes true as well. He is definitely worth the Designated Player money the club will have to fork over. Villa has played with the best of the best and was with the Spanish National Team when they won the World Cup in 2010, and he will most likely be with it this summer.

Regardless of whether Atletico keeps him, or if an MLS club offers him enough to leave Europe, whichever club has him in their lineup will benefit from his talent.

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