Clint Dempsey Missing 2 Matches for Mark Bloom Foul is Fair

By Jackee Arce
Clint Dempsey Mark Bloom 2 Match Suspension
Joe Nicholson – USA TODAY Sports

One of the most eventful MLS matches of the weekend was between the Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC. Besides Jermain Defoe‘s successful debut, the match saw a lot of action including the four yellow cards handed out. None of those yellow cards were given to U.S. National Team captain Clint Dempsey, who stole headlines after the match for the tap he gave to TFC’s Mark Bloom.

It was an off-the-ball foul for which the MLS Disciplinary Committee gave two-match suspension, as well as fined him an undisclosed amount. After hearing the news, Dempsey attempted to appeal, but the decision was upheld.

Dempsey did apologize saying he was simply trying to avoid Bloom’s hand touching his back and missed. Do you believe him? From what is seen in the video, it is really hard to tell. Dempsey does swing his arm back without looking, but there is no way in knowing if he knew where he’d hit. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

The two-match suspension will cause him to miss matches against Montreal Impact and Columbus Crew; he will not be eligible to play until April when the Sounders take on the Portland Timbers.

So the question that begs to asked, was it worth it? Regardless of whether the action was on purpose or not, he could have avoided it by just ignoring Bloom. I think a two-match suspension is fair, but I’m sure Seattle is going to suffer without its star Designated Player.

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