Premier League: Positive Response From Arsenal Against Swansea City Is Essential

By Craig Pearson
Wojciech Szczesny goalkeeper for Arsenal
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After a 6-0 mauling at the hands of Chelsea, it should be a good thing for the Arsenal players to get back onto the pitch as soon as possible. And Arsenal will do exactly that when they play Swansea City in the Premier League on Tuesday. The game means very little for Arsenal and their Premier League campaign now, but it could be crucial for their last remaining hope of a trophy — the FA Cup.

A 6-0 demolition is not something you get out of your system very quickly, especially against a direct rival. It was the equivalent of Arsenal training, gearing themselves up mentally and then finally stepping into the ring for their world heavyweight title fight only to get bombed out in the very first round. All that build up, all that training and you think you can win only to realize you’re way off where you really need to be.

You fooled yourself, pretty much. The confidence has to take dip afterwards — it’s only natural. The motivation will as well, you would think, now that their title hopes have gone. But Arsenal play Swansea tomorrow and then Manchester City and Everton before they head to Wembley for the FA Cup semifinal against Wigan Athletic. Arsenal don’t want to be heading to Wembley without picking up a win and returning to a positive mindset, and the City and Everton games look tougher, with all due respect, than Swansea at home. Arsenal have to respond on their own ground and give the fans something to cheer about. Let’s face it, they gave them nothing on Sunday. They owe it to them now.

And if they want to give them a trophy to cheer, then getting back into the win column tomorrow would be a start just for confidence, morale and belief in each other and to erase the immediate memory of the Chelsea game. If Arsenal don’t win the FA Cup, considering who is left in the tournament with them now, it would be yet another embarrassment and another day to forget for the Gunners and their fans. And they’ve not even gotten over Sunday yet.

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