Breaking Down World Cup Tickets For USMNT Group Stage Matches

By Greg Cohen
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As arguably the single biggest sporting event on the planet, the World Cup is set to take place this summer in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The FIFA World Cup first began in 1930 when the inaugural event was held in Uruguay with just 13 teams participating in it. Uruguay won the event while the United States team made up of a ragtag group of players managed to score its best finish to date taking home the bronze medal with a third place finish. Since that first World Cup the event has grown infinitesimally and now features the top 32 nations all competing to take home the FIFA World Cup Trophy once every four years.

While the first World Cup took place in a South American country the tournament has not gone back to the continent in 36 years. That is until this year, when Brazil will host the World Cup. As the only country to have competed in every single World Cup, Brazil, who have won the tournament a record five times, will look to become the first country to win it in front of their home crowd since Argentina did it ironically the last time it was held in South America.

When the planet’s biggest sporting event takes place once every four years there becomes a huge demand for World Cup tickets when it finally does come around. This has resulted in the average price for World Cup tickets being equivalent to that of an event such as the Super Bowl or NCAA Final Four as this year they are averaging a pricey $1,134 per ticket. By virtue of playing in front of their own fans, Brazil tickets are the most expensive of any country in the World cup, averaging $1,703 for the first round of the tournament, an increase of 50% from the average World Cup ticket. The very first game of the tournament is customarily played by the host country of the World Cup and this year will see Brazil open up the tournament against Croatia on June 12 with tickets averaging $2,252. Following that game, the Brazilians play Mexico and Cameroon to finish out the Group Stage with tickets averaging $2,855 and $1,192, respectively.

While Brazil is obviously one of the favorites for the tournament and rightly so, the United States Men’s National Team is not as fortunate as they were drawn into the proverbial “Group of Death” which includes three of the top 15 teams according to the FIFA rankings with No. 2 Germany, No. 4 Portugal and No. 14 USA. In addition to those three teams Ghana rounds out the group and were the team responsible for knocking the United States out of the last World Cup. U.S. World Cup Tickets are significantly lower than those of Brazil for the first round, going for $593 against Ghana in their first game and then to $526 and $703, respectively, when they play Portugal and Germany. If the Americans can pull the upset over either Portugal or Germany they will be very likely to make it out of the Group Stage and onto the Knockout Round.

With less than three months left until the start of this great tournament, World Cup tickets are going fast and will surely rise before it begins. Therefore it would be smart to get your World Cup tickets now before they sell out and all the hotel rooms are booked.

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