New York Red Bulls Loses Fan to NYCFC

By Jackee Arce
Red Bull Fans NYCFC
Jim O’Connor – USA TODAY Sports

A New York soccer blog reported that a New York Red Bulls fan has pledged his alliance to NYCFC. NYC hasn’t even started playing in MLS yet, and this young man is already passionate enough to permanently align with the club with a tattoo. I’ve heard of jumping on bandwagons, but this is almost the opposite of that.

The change came easy to the fan. He said he did this because of his love for New York — he was born in the city and still lives there, which gives him a great connection to NYC. For those unaware, even though the Red Bulls labels themselves as New Yorkers, their stadium is actually located in Harrison, New Jersey — it is not even in the same state as NYC.

This makes me wonder if there will be any fans who will change their alliance in Los Angeles. The LA Galaxy are currently the only club with LA in its name, but before Chivas USA was bought by MLS, the rights to Los Angeles FC and Los Angeles SC were purchased. If the rebrand causes the club to be the soccer club of Los Angeles, will any fans leave the Galaxy behind? I sincerely hope not.

I think the fan who got the tattoo for NYC jumped the gun a little. I understand his love for his city, but he could have waited at least until the start of next season to support the club who has yet to name a single player. The L.A. situation is different as Carson, CA. is not too far from downtown L.A., but I can see fans jumping on the bandwagon if the rebrand brings forth a real club. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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