Real Madrid: 2-1 Loss at Sevilla Spells Demise While Barcelona and Atletico Madrid Smile

By Aydin Reyhan
Real Madrid Sevilla Ronaldo Carlos Bacca
Getty Images

Real Madrid were undefeated for five months in 31 games until losing 4-3 at home to Barcelona over the weekend. After losing their upbeat morale, they shockingly lost 2-1 at Sevilla after a heroic brace from Carlos Bacca. This means that the capital club could be in trouble when it comes to winning the title.

Now they are two points behind Barcelona who sit second and three behind Atletico Madrid who sit alone on top of the league. With eight league games remaining for all three sides, anything could happen. However, the most exciting and defining match will be on the final day, May 18, when Barcelona host Atletico Madrid in the potential championship match. If one or both happen to slip up, Real Madrid could pounce by defeating RCD Espanyol at home. The month of May has so much at stake for Spanish soccer.

Before any of that, the top two Liga clubs will be facing off in the quarterfinals of the Champions League with Apr. 1 bringing Atletico to Barcelona for the first leg. Not only are these clubs looking to eliminate the other from Europe, but they have to beat out the other in league duty as well. Talk about a new rivalry.

If Real Madrid cannot win the league, they do have the chance to defeat Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey final on Apr. 16 at Valencia‘s Mestalla Stadium, where they defeated the Catalan side in the final of 2011. This is happening in the midst of their Champions League and league race, which makes things ever so difficult and tiresome as three competitions at the highest level can be draining.

Predicting the outcome between these three sides would be unfair, so here is a guarantee: All three sides will play to their fullest ability to win every game that they can. Whoever wins the most and avoids errors will outshine their opponents to win big. The rest of this season is something that no one should want to miss.

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