New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Shouldn't Be Blamed For Lack Of Interest In New England Revolution

By Will Gellman
Robert Kraft
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Kraft is a legend in the sports world. He is perhaps the most influential owner in all of sports and, with the help of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, helped turn the New England Patriots from a struggling (and that’s putting it mildly) franchise to a perennial Super Bowl contender almost overnight.

Despite that, he was still the subject of a lot of criticism in a recent article from Boston Magazine. The article makes a case for him not being fully invested in the New England Revolution and even goes as far as to call the Kraft’s “The Worst Owners In The League.” To say such a thing about the Kraft’s is simply foolish and has no logical basis.

What the article fails to mention is the fact that soccer, while it is one of the most popular sports worldwide, has not yet caught on for many fans in America, particularly in New England. Why?It’s simple: The unprecedented success of the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins and of course the Patriots has left soccer on the back burner in the eyes of some fans in the area. The reason for America’s disinterest (relative to some other sports not in general) I cannot begin to dissect nor understand.

The fact that fans throughout New England don’t come to Revs’ games is not an indictment on Kraft nor the team itself. It is because fans attend sporting events they know they love rather than an event that’s new to them and they would have to learn to love. The fact that many great sports teams exist in the area hurts the Revolution’s attendance, not Kraft’s lack of ownership skills.

Another thing that the article fails to mention is that the Revolution did have a run of success from 2002 t0 2007 with four MLS Cup appearances during that time. Saying that Kraft doesn’t care about the Revs is simply a criticism with insufficient evidence to back up that claim.

One only needs to look at his success with the Patriots to know that he is a savvy owner who knows what it takes to win. For example, it is a very distinct possibility that if Kraft had not bought the Patriots, they would not have hired Belichick nor drafted Brady, and as a result, won three Super Bowl titles, appearing in five.

As you might remember, he was also instrumental in ending the NFL lockout a few years ago as well. Given those facts, the notion that he could somehow be a lackluster owner in any sport is simply ludicrous.

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