MLS: Top 5 Goals Of Week 5 Action

By Baxter Colburn

Top 5 Goals Of Week 5 Action

Mile Magee Chicago Fire
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

To say that MLS week five was anything short of spectacular would be an insult to the sport of soccer. Not only were the goals absolutely pouring out of this week, but there were numerous games that were absolute thrillers to watch. The Cascadia Cup provided at least three goal of the week candidates. To be fair, I had to include some of the other crazy and spectacular goals of MLS Week 5.

5. Stefan Ishizaki With An Impossible Chip

The LA Galaxy were in desperate need for a win this week and certainly found one. This was one of three goals that the Galaxy bagged in their win over Chivas USA.

4. Jose Mari With Deadly Curving Goal

As if his first goal was not enough, this goal was the icing on the cake for the Rapids, as the club grabbed all three points right from the dying hands of the Whitecaps.

3. Max Urruiti Bends It Like Beckham

The Portland Timbers thought this goal would seal their victory over rival Seattle Sounders. Even though it didn't, it still was an incredible goal in an incredible game.

2. Diego Valeri Makes It Look So Easy

This is a goal from Diego Valeri that sent the Timbers' crowd into absolute hysterics. I think Valeri is still trying to figure out how he scored this goal; it was simply amazing.

1. Jose Mari With A Goal-Of-The-Year Candidate

Just when it was looking like the Colorado Rapids would be suffering defeat, Jose Mari came out of nowhere and delivered an absolute bomb of goal to shock the Vancouver Whitecaps. This goal certainly needs to be a goal-of-the-year candidate.

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