Juventus Absolutely Owning Serie A This Season

By Aydin Reyhan
Juventus Serie A Andrea Pirlo champion
Getty Images

With a 3-5-2, Juventus have stormed past opponents throughout this Serie A campaign in Italy. With six league games remaining, the leaders are eight points ahead of the pack with one of those last matches being away to second-placed Roma.

Coach Antonio Conte has implemented an attacking yet possession style with an awkward version of the 3-5-2 — three spread out in the back, five guys lined up across the middle moving back and forth depending on offense or defense, and two guys up top splitting the responsibility of scoring goals. This somehow forces opponents to take deep breaths as they are able to suffocate them on and off the ball. The patience shown by the team when in possession resembles that of Barcelona from a short while ago.

A man who helped them tremendously this season is the most patient Italian international midfielder there is — Andrea Pirlo. This man is turning 35 soon, but his class and silky touch on the ball goes along perfectly with his unbelievable vision. He no longer has his speed from back in the day, but everything else is still easy to see which is why he should definitely start for Italy in this summer’s World Cup. He is considered or should be considered Italy’s greatest active veteran midfield player. His free-kicks are simply the icing on the cake.

The new strikers in Fernando Llorente and Carlos Tevez have really boosted the club’s scoring charts as they have led their team all year long. The Serie A title is theirs for the taking as it seems not too many teams can halt them from victory. In addition, they are in the Europa League semifinals, so if they advance to the final, they will have the chance to play in front of their very own fans in Turin.

Yes, this is their season for the taking.

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