Super League: Besiktas-Fenerbahce Preview

By Aydin Reyhan
Besiktas fenerbahce super league derby preview
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After Galatasaray lost 4-0 at home to Kasimpasa earlier today, Besiktas now have the chance to jump up by four points in second place with a home derby victory against the leaders, Fenerbahce, in Turkish Super League action.

Besiktas has a star-studded squad who all work hard for one another. With coach Slaven Bilic spilling emotions throughout the entirety of the 90 minutes, the team will feel driven with some more help from their 12th man, the wonderful fans. These two sources will have to be on top of their jobs which is to make sure that the 11 men on the field play to the fullest amount of success. 

The last time these two sides met, the final score was an exciting 3-3. Both teams took the lead, equalized and dropped the lead. That match was clearly the best derby match of the season and still is thus far. Now, in a stadium where the home side still cannot call home, anything is up for grabs with the visitors looking to upset the odds to win the title against one of their biggest rivals.

Dirk Kuyt is the engine that runs Fenerbahce as he will be sprinting up and down the field all night long, directing traffic with teammates who know how to play this game to near perfection when they have to. With coach Ersun Yanal there to lead them again, they should be able to hold their own against a high-octane offense that can change a game in an instant.

Besiktas will be relying on Oguzhan Ozyakup, whose skill, speed, determination and physicality on and off the ball can drive this team to goal. Coach Bilic says that he wants to build the attack around him as he sees the youngster as the best candidate to lead this team to derby glory.

Prediction: Besiktas 2, Fenerbahce 1

The home side and visitors will exchange plenty of blows, but Besiktas will win this since they need it more to all but guarantee second place, which gives them an automatic berth into the Champions League.

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