Barcelona Should Sign Two Surprising Veterans If Allowed

By Aydin Reyhan
Barcelona Aritz Aduriz John Terry
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Barcelona is a club that believes in raising core players within their own system. They add specific pieces they need to make their team click even better. Well, after a tough year, maybe the time has finally come for them not to splash big cash on a rising star but to spend a significantly less amount on two players who know how to play this game to perfection on their respective parts on the pitch.

Who can they sign really? They could use a striker who could give Leo Messi a break from all the pressure he has. Perhaps the replacement could even start in his place, leaving Messi to either drop back into the midfield — which is something he constantly does — or push him wide to play on either one of the wings. A striker who is not as young as Messi but certainly has had a decent season and has heated up in recent weeks is Aritz Aduriz.

The Former Valencia man currently plies his trade for Athletic Bilbao. He has capped his recent heights with the goal that allowed his team to take the lead at Barcelona just yesterday afternoon. His strength, speed and ability to score with his feet and head makes him a true danger to defenses all around La Liga. At the age of 33, he realistically only has two or three good years left, but with the help that he would have around him at Barcelona, his job would be even easier to score.

In 29 league games this season, Aduriz has scored 16 times and has added eight assists to his name. Age is truly nothing but a number with this man and he is continuing to play at the highest of levels. Barca do not have trouble scoring, but adding a veteran that could make the current squad’s job easier would strengthen their chances at regaining the title next season. He is someone they should truly think about adding to keep it in the country instead of adding another foreign player.

A problem area for Barcelona is their defense. With Carles Puyol, 36, set to depart this summer, they need to add a veteran who is around the same age as him that can keep things calm and quiet in the center of the back. They need a man who has captained both club and country and has put in one clutch performance after the other. This name may surprise you, but after reading the reasoning, it will be tough to doubt him — John Terry.

The Chelsea captain and former English international has been a rock in the back for the past several seasons. He is tall, strong, smart and can read the game for days at a time if he has to. Heading the ball is one of his specialties as is putting in timely tackles to help his keeper avoid any danger in frame. Besides this, he can also score the occasional goal off of set pieces to save or even win the game.

Barcelona like having players that can play with the ball and put in daring performances on a gamely basis. Terry is not this type of player, but he is an old-fashioned defender that can calm the nerves of a game and lead from the back when called upon. This man is 33, but let’s remember that he does not run up and down the field all game long which means that he has more energy than midfielders as well as strikers. Terry can fill in that hole to be left by Puyol by teaming up with Gerard Pique to become one of the very best defensive duos in the game today.

All of this still depends on their appeal to have the transfer ban which is to last until summer 2015 lifted before the summer. They need to think long and hard about signing these two names who have proven themselves throughout their careers.


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