Champions League: Atletico Madrid Must Rely Heavily on Diego Costa

By Aydin Reyhan
Diego Costa atletico madrid chesea champions league
Getty Images

Diego Costa has been the best striker for Atletico Madrid this season as he has led them to the top of La Liga as well as the semifinals of the Champions League. Tomorrow, his club face a tough Chelsea team which is where he could be headed next season. Well, before that, he needs to focus on leading his team to glory as they can make the final of Europe’s elite soccer competition.

This season, Costa has scored 27 goals and added three assists in 32 overall appearances. No one is even close to him when it comes to finding the back of the net at his club. With that said, he will be the obvious threat to Chelsea’s goal as his teammates will look to find him open as many times as it takes for him to put the opponent away.

In addition to Costa being in ferocious scoring form, club No. 10, Arda Turan, has been cleared to start in tomorrow game to add a bit more creativity, control and ball movement to really give Chelsea a headache throughout the 90 minutes. The former Galatasaray man does not have the most impressive statistics, but his ability to take on multiple players at once, find the most open teammate in the largest amount of space and ability to score a spectacular goal when he wants all make him the player that he is.

The defense will have to be extremely focused against a tricky group of players that can grab control of a match to slightly frighten their opponents. In addition, with Jose Mourinho in charge, counter-attacking is one of their specialties and they will remember this from his time at the more famous capital club, Real Madrid. Lucky for them though, they have the best goalkeeper in the Spanish league today — Thibaut Courtois, who ironically belongs to Chelsea.

The Belgian international has been given permission of Europe’s soccer Governing body, UEFA, to play in this series. Therefore, if he plays like the professional that he is, Chelsea will have the hardest time putting the ball into his net. He is only 21, but this means that he will only get better. If he can play well along with his teammates, Atletico will make the Champions League final and perhaps go on and win it.


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