Barcelona: Dani Alves has Brilliant Answer to Racism Goes Viral

By Aydin Reyhan
Dani Alves Barcelona racism Villarreal La Liga
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Yesterday, in a Spanish league (La Liga) soccer match, Villarreal hosted the reigning champions, Barcelona. The game was absolutely exciting as the home side took a 2-0 lead, only to end up losing 3-2 in an unbelievable comeback by the Catalan side. However, even with the remarkable fight and spirit to lead them all the way back to a win, the game was the least of exciting talking points.

Brazilian international right-back Dani Alves was about to take a corner-kick for Barcelona when he noticed that an ignorant troll of a fan chucked a banana onto the field, narrowly missing his head. Instead of overreacting the way he should have by turning to the stands and screaming at the culprit, he did something that makes sense but was completely unexpected — he picked up the banana, peeled it then took a bit before throwing it back to the side of the field.

After the match, he thanked whoever it was that threw it because it gave him the potassium he needed to produce enough energy to cross the ball twice more into the area, with one leading to a goal. This man was humble when the act occurred and remained so well after the game which was something that was unseen and unknown in the soccer world … until now.

Here is a shocker folks: apparently, racism still exists in Spain, where the majority of the people are Caucasian. The ignorance, stupidity, hatred, fear, anger and intolerance is unacceptable.

The fan was banned for life by Villarreal, so hopefully this teaches a lesson to every single fan not just in Spain but around the entire world in each and every sport. Being racist is something that is taught because of events that happened to other people years ago. Granted bad events occur today still … but not all of them are by darker-skinned people. In fact, white people are known to have committed some unspeakable acts and crimes. Is there anyone pointing fingers at them?

Whether you are black, white, Middle Eastern, Asian, or Hispanic does not matter. We are all humans that were put on this earth to try and coexist. You will always be whoever you want to be, but when something bad happens, do not automatically go pointing a finger at a single race. Instead, accept that some people — no matter what race — will always commit crimes because they want to.

God bless you all.

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