Manchester United Should Seriously Consider Appointing Ryan Giggs As Next Manager

By Craig Pearson
Ryan Giggs instructs Patrice Evra during win over Norwich City
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Before Manchester United rush ahead and appoint their new manager, there are lessons to be learned from the David Moyes appointment and a criteria to get in check first. At this particular time, Louis Van Gaal looks to be the next in line for the United throne, but whether he is actually the right man for the job or just the only man available must be clarified first.

Since Moyes’ sacking from United, the aftermath has suggested that fans, and even some senior players, felt as though the ”United way” had been forgotten since last season; or, even worse, it was being swept aside under the new regime. That isn’t exactly Moyes’ fault, as he has his own philosophy and way of playing, and if that does not suit the club, then they should not have appointed him.

That is one critical lesson the United board must now learn: if it has to be the ”United way”, then appoint a manager who shares that vision and can carry it forward. Can Van Gaal do that? He won’t change to suit United and their wishes, that is for sure. He’ll do it his way, take it or leave it.

But the Dutchman does coach his teams to attack, which would suit United. However, it is slightly more of a possession-based attack built from the back, and less of a direct and tempo-driven attack as United fans have become accustomed to under Sir Alex Ferguson over the years. United fans like to be involved in the game and encouraged to shout by their team who attack in a direct with a high tempo. United overwhelm teams, not calmly and cerebrally out-pass them.

One man who does understand exactly what the United fans want and the way the team has played for many years now is current interim manager Ryan Giggs. Giggs is entrenched in everything that United represents and understands every philosophy, mentality and style of play any United fan could ever dream of. The one thing that Giggs does lack, though, is managerial experience and that could be the sole obstacle for the Welshman.

Moyes lacked experience at such a huge club before he arrived, and that seems to be one of the bigger concerns as United look for a new boss — something Van Gaal brings in droves. But if United do decide against Van Gaal for any other reason, then they should seriously consider giving the job to Giggs. He has huge experience at United, if not as a manager in his own right.

Outside of Van Gaal, there are pretty much only unproven managers who have tons of potential, but no experience at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Men like Roberto Martinez, Frank De Boer and Mauricio Pochettino are potential candidates, while other more experienced names are currently unavailable in the market.

To go in that direction, United should just hand the reins to Giggs instead.

They already gave a talented manager with success at a smaller club than United the chance with Moyes, and a different direction should now be taken this time around. Van Gaal still looks the clear favourite to get the job, but if United decide against that, or want a man who knows exactly what the ”United way” is all about, then they should look no further than Giggs.


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