Premier League: Ryan Giggs Loses 1st Game as Head Coach in Shocker

By Aydin Reyhan
Soren Larsson Sunderland Gus Poyet EPL Manchester United
Getty Images

Club Manchester United won their first Premier League game under interim coach Ryan Giggs last weekend, but they suffered a 1-0 defeat at home today to Sunderland to give the Welshman his first shocker at the helm. A goal by Swedish international Soren Larsson ended all doubt for the visitors who are now three points clear of the bottom three as they have all but guaranteed league survival for next season.

United are relying on some players who will be departing the club this summer which must have everyone beginning to distrust one another around the field. Some of the younger ones played their game well, but let’s face it: the fact that they are all the way down in seventh in the league standings is the biggest shocker, which leaves them not caring enough to destroy teams as they used to.

The team is creating chances but are not able to get their bigger names — Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Juan Mata — involved enough as they are becoming easier to defend for the teams that can stay focused, and Sunderland is surely one of them as coach Gus Poyet has enabled this team to attack and defend the right way: patiently, efficiently and swiftly.

Louis van Gaal will become Manchester United’s head coach at the end of the season. He will most likely be implementing his 4-3-3 formation to make it a more attacking style for a team that has been known to defend and possess the ball during the past few years. He is becoming their new head man because he knows how to win … something he has proven time and time again with the Dutch national team. If he gets the right players, fans behind him and tactically improves the team in every single way possible, United will become league champions in as early as the next two seasons.

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