Key Reasons Why Manchester City Won Premier League

By Aydin Reyhan
Manchester City Premier League champions manuel pellegrini samir nasri vincent kompany
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Manchester City are the Premier League champions of the 2013-2014 season. This is their second title in three seasons and they have several names to thank. Let’s take a look below at who and why these men truly matter to this club’s recent success.

Firstly, we have first-year coach Manuel Pellegrini, who had to shift formations as well as players as he had to choose the perfect lineup for every game. He lost some easy games and won some impossible ones,  but at the end of a long and grueling season, he ends up winning the Capitol One Cup in addition to the EPL title itself. Winning two out of four possible trophies is a great start for any manager during his first year coaching a big club.

Fernandinho is a Brazilian international defensive midfielder that joined the ranks of City along with center back Martin Demichelis in the summer of 2013. Gradually, both players became undeniable starters as they were concrete parts of the starting 11 en route to their titles won this season. Demichelis did have a few hiccups here and there, but his experience led to timely tackles that bailed out the City defense on several occasions. Fernandinho himself broke plays in the midfield in addition to setting up teammates in the offensive half.

Three guys that have been champions with this club are none other than midfielders Samir Nasri, Yaya Toure and center back and captain, Vincent Kompany. The first and last of those three names respectively scored the goals in today’s title-clinching 2-0 victory at home over West Ham United.

Nasri rode the bench for some time until he gained more playing time as well as trust under Pellegrini before becoming a vital part of the midfield. He has scored, assisted and ruled the parts of the field where he held possession to keep the pressure away from teammates, thus making their jobs even easier.

Toure has been the lock in the heart of the park with his goals, strength, assists and tackles. Whether he plays in a defensive or attacking role, he is equally as effective. Keeping him in the starting lineup has enabled this team to dominate most opponents both home and away, as most of the plays are run by or through him.

As for captain Kompany, this man scores goals off set pieces, defends heartily to bail out his teammates and gets others involved. His leadership qualities have kept him as captain ahead of the likes of Joe Hart and Toure. He has everyone’s respect at the club which enables him to successfully lead his team both on and off the field. He will continue to do so for many more years if he decides to stay aboard.

A couple of strikers — Edin Dzeko and Alvaro Negredo — scored some crucial goals this season with the first scoring 16 times while the latter finding the net nine times. Both guys are important members of this team, but the latter could be departing to a team where he will start almost every single game to be considered their best option up top.

With that said and done, Manchester City now has to find a way to do more – win the Champions League or at least make the semifinals to be considered a true European threat. They won the big one in England again, now they have to add more talent or at least split the time among the players they have at hand to do the most damage possible in Europe.

Congratulations to the club for winning the title after only being on top of the league for a total of 14 days throughout the season as this is a new record.

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