Manchester City Rightfully Win the Premier League Championship

By Jackee Arce
Manchester City Win 2014 Premier League
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Club Manchester City is celebrating toda, as it has won the Premier League title. Fate was in its own hands as the last matches of all EPL clubs took place at the same time on what has been dubbed Champions Sunday. For Manchester to win the title, as it has, it needed to win its match against West Ham United, because Liverpool FC also beat Newcastle United. There was a slim chance that it would lose the title to Liverpool, but that did not make the match any less exciting.

Liverpool fans were hoping former Liverpool player Andy Carroll would have a part in West Ham beating City, which would feel like twice the win for Liverpool. Unfortunately for them, Carroll, nor anyone in his club, were able to get a goal past City’s defense. Liverpool fans were upset, as City beat West Ham 2-0. It was a nice margin, which left City with no doubt as the true EPL champion. It truly earned its victory today, but playing as hard as it played all season. Sure, there were many missed chances, but that did not stop the Blues from taking it all.

The heroes of the match for City were Samir Nasri and Vincent Kompany, who scored the goals of the match. These players lead the club to its fourth EPL title; last season it came in second to former champions Manchester United, but after the David Moyes debacle, the title was left open-wide. Of course, it did have somewhat of a battle with Liverpool, but it rightfully came out on top.

With the league being over for the season, there is much to look forward to when the summer window opens. Also, there’s that little thing called the World Cup, which many EPL players will be joining alongside their national team fellow teammates. EPL may have reached its hiatus for now, but soccer continues around the world.

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