Manchester United Show Lessons Learned With £27m Bid For Luke Shaw

By Craig Pearson
Luke Shaw plays against Manchester United for Southampton
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After last summer’s transfer debacle, when Marouane Fellaini was signed in the final hours of the transfer window for an inflated price of £27.5m, Manchester United seems to have learned some lessons ahead of this summer. Rumors suggest United have moved swiftly, only one day after the Premier League season has ended, to make a £27m bid for Southampton teenager Luke Shaw.

Putting Shaw aside briefly, the fact that United are acting quickly and decisively in the market should be a good sign for United fans. Last summer, their transfer business was allowed to drag on for far too long and it not only cost them in the market, but the mood of disarray carried into their performances during the season too.

United need more than just one player, clearly, but Shaw would be an excellent start to the summer if the deal can be concluded before the World Cup. Beyond Shaw, it would send a positive message to other United targets that specific lessons have been learned and that United will be moving forward this summer with every intention of returning to the pinnacle of the English game. Such a move would also suggest that United’s new manager has also been selected, and consulted on transfers, if not necessarily announced at this point.

Last summer, the first under the guidance of Ed Woodward who replaced the dependable David Gill, United pursued some excellent players including Cesc Fabragas, Leighton Baines, Thiago Alcantara and Ander Herrera. But United undervalued some of these players and spent too much time on the others, which were mistakes that cost them dearly in the end. Now United are being much more decisive in bidding £27m to snatch the much in demand Shaw ahead of rival Premier League clubs.

United need a replacement for Patrice Evra, and Shaw is a player who could potentially be the United left-back for the next 15 years or so. It would be an investment as well as an excellent acquisition for the current team. To conclude such a deal, though, as well as others down the line, United have to be more diligent in their approach than they were last summer. A swift, decisive, early move for Shaw seems to suggest that they will be.


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