Chivas USA Rebranding Details Need To Be Revealed By MLS

Chivas USA Rebranding

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After a reported attendance of just over 3,700 people and an uninspired effort by Chivas USA against the Portland Timbers last night, the process for the rebranding of the Goats must be accelerated. This match was the worst game of the season in MLS regardless of the fact that it was a midweek game. There has not been an update on the MLS takeover of Chivas USA since February. Details of the future plans for the franchise must be released to put some life into the worst-performing soccer franchise in MLS.

The fans have given up on the team. Many in attendance at last night’s match say the reported attendance was an inflated number. There is no reason to come to the matches and the home stadium does not feel welcoming. Original details said that MLS was looking for an ownership group to keep the team in Los Angeles. This can be a long process, but some names have already come to the surface.

This season has put the team in limbo, which is an easy out for any fan. However, the play on the field is nothing to connect the fans. On their home field last night, Chivas USA just sat back to absorb the Timbers’ attack rather than try to create their own chances. It took Portland 65 minutes to get behind the defense, but it was a long time coming. Chivas USA looked disinterested.

Alicia Ratterree reported that two trademarks were filed for Los Angeles SC and Los Angeles F.C. If it weren’t for her reporting there would be no details regarding any possibilities of a new look or brand. Those names may not even be how this ends for Chivas USA, but they do create anticipation.

MLS may not have a lot to report on where the franchise stands, but at this point any update would be useful. Fans need something to hang onto, so even to say “we are working on it” is better than waiting. The average attendance for Chivas USA is just below 8,000. The Indy Eleven of NASL averages 10,000 while the Sacramento Republic FC team in USL Pro is averaging 19,000. Three of the six NASL matches this past weekend had more attendance than last night’s Chivas USA match.

Fans need news to create excitement at this point. No one in MLS can expect the attendance to grow for any of the remaining Chivas USA matches. At this point, any update of any kind would be appreciated. MLS should take a few minutes to let everyone know where they stand in the process of rebranding the franchise.

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  • CnSF

    Los Angeles and NYC do not need two teams. They should just end Chivas for good, and give Sacramento Republic FC a spot in the MLS.

    • albert perez

      Sac is barely building brand , they are in a small media market , there ios no they will be given a franchise just becuase , like Orlando, they need to earn it

      • CnSF

        Because Atlanta, Miami, and NYFC earned it? That is obviously not that important to MLS. Sacramento is also in the 20th largest market just behind Orlando. If Sacramento’s attendance holds it will be hard for MLS to ignore.

        • albert perez

          those are bigger media markets , Cow Town is not

  • Bob Marley

    Los Angeles FC and Los Angeles SC are uninspired picks for the rebrand. The Clippers may rebrand and people are for the Los Angeles Stars, that would be a good name for a Chivas USA rebrand if the Clippers don’t take it. If they can’t acquire the Los Angeles Aztecs trademark from NASL and if I’m the NASL, I don’t give it up and expand into the market.

    I personally think that LAX FC or LAX SC would be a great name and rebrand for the team. It would definitely catch on in terms of marketing. I also like a rebrand to the Los Angeles Barons, that would be a really good name for the team. LAX FC or Los Angeles Barons for me!