New York City FC Make Huge Splash for MLS Signing Frank Lampard, David Villa

By Josh Sippie
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It’s a long road ahead if MLS hopes to compete on an international scale with the likes of the Premier League, and it may never happen at all, but MLS has been making huge steps lately. First came the transfer of Clint Dempsey to the Seattle Sounders. Dempsey is a world class player, and MLS is in dire need of the type. But he was American, so it wasn’t as big of a splash as the newest signings. Thierry Henry playing for the New York Redbulls is a similar example, but MLS needs more players like that.

New York City FC is scheduled to start play in 2015 as an expansion team. Jointly owned by the New York Yankees and Manchester City, money will never be an issue for the new club.

That being said, they wasted no time in acquiring Frank Lampard and David Villa, two players who used to be dominant forces in their respective leagues. Now at 35 and 33 years of age, respectively, they may be past their prime. However, their names are still well known and respected, as is their skill.

As aforementioned, MLS needs players like this. They’re never going to compete for guys like Cesc Fabregas or Mario Ballotelli in their current form, but what they can do is grab up some players who used to dominate their leagues, but are past their prime. Then, they can gradually work their way into grabbing up younger players for extended stays in MLS. From there, who knows, maybe soccer in the United States can become a much more formidable force.

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