David Beckham Unretiring With Miami MLS Team Would Just be Publicity Stunt

By RantSports Staff
david beckham miami mlb unretiring
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Well, that didn’t take long. One year after announcing his retirement, David Beckham says he is considering coming back to soccer to play for the MLS team he is trying to launch in Miami. If you’re thinking he’s going to lead this new club to the MLS Cup in his 40s, you’re dreaming.

Beckham is now 39 and will be at least 40 by the time a team starts playing in Miami — if that ever happens. After playing for 20 years already, he’s admitted that he enjoys the rest, but is already tempted to play again.

Specifically, Beckham is exciting about the opportunity to possibly be the first owner-player in MLS history. Of course, he’s also saying all of this while filming a documentary that involves him traveling 800 miles into the Amazon rainforest by canoe, motorbike and plane, so his head might be a little fuzzy.

Of course, Beckham would sell tickets for this new Miami FC, if you will, as an owner-player, even if he was 60 when it happened. But everyone knows he’s not going to carry an expansion MLS team at whatever age that possibly happens.

It’s the same thing as Michael Jordan once teasing everyone he would come back and play at 50. Of course, his struggling NBA franchise could have used the publicity stunt, but wisely took the alternative of bringing back the Charlotte Hornets name and color scheme.

Beckham should just let the fans of South Beach enjoy their new team for which to cheer if/when it’s established and enjoy it all from the owners box, not the field.


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