Arsene Wenger Cannot Allow Cesc Fabregas to Join Chelsea

By Josh Sippie
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Rumors will be rumors, and as such, they don’t really amount to anything. But they’re just like a fly at a barbeque — the longer they hang around, the more you wish they’d just die. Well, this particular rumor must be a horse fly or something, because it’s hanging around and it’s even being rumored to be a “done deal.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Arsenal fan who doesn’t still have a love for their former captain, Cesc Fabregas. Fabregas joined the Arsenal academy at a young age and was raised through their system to the role of captain, where he commanded the team from midfield.

Fabregas had always been a Barcelona fan, however, and when offered the chance to play for his boyhood team, he departed amiably for the opportunity.

However, now that his stay at Barcelona appears to be over, “Captain Fantastic” obviously has quite a few suitors in the Premier League.

Spanish teammate Gerard Pique was supposedly caught on camera telling Vicente del Bosque that Fabregas was leaving for a transfer fee of 33 million. Chelsea is the front-runner, and it is reported that he’s already agreed to a fee with Arsenal’s rivals.

If this rumor is true, it would be like a constant punch in the gut to Arsenal fans every time he takes the field. Jose Mourinho, Chelsea‘s manager, has established himself as the arch-villain of Arsenal. All he does is taunt the Gunners at every possible opportunity, furthering his reputation as a fickle and childish being.

What’s puzzling about this is that Fabregas and Mourinho have never gotten along. After all, who could get along with Mourinho? Even some of his players, such as Samuel Eto’o, are none too thrilled about the Blues manager’s temperament.

The good news is that Arsene Wenger has a buyback clause on Fabregas, so he can somewhat decide where Fabregas will end up. He could even make Arsenal fans’ dreams come true and welcome the Captain back to the Emirates at a reduced fee thanks to that buyback clause.

Whatever Wenger decides to do, he cannot let Fabregas go to Chelsea. No matter what it takes, he cannot let that nightmare become a reality.

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