Bastian Schweinsteiger Set to Move on From Bayern Munich?

By Josh Sippie
Laurence Griffiths - Getty Images
Laurence Griffiths – Getty Images

It’s always a tad bit shocking when players who are near the top in the world move to new places. For example, when Mesut Ozil jumped over to Arsenal or when Gareth Bale moved to Real Madrid it jolted all parties involved. The newest world class player that’s set to move on is the hulking German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger.

While I’d obviously love to see Arsenal pursue the 29-year old, he’s currently linked with Manchester United.

Schweinsteiger could fix nearly all of United’s problems with one fell swoop. He would reinforce their feeble defense while fortifying their midfield and giving them a long shot taker to broaden their goal-scoring options. The question becomes whether or not the enormous paycheck they’re prepared to offer can counterbalance the fact that Schweinsteiger would not be competing in European football next year. At 29 years old, he has to realize that time is ticking, and each year spent without European competition is a year missed out on.

Although Arsenal is not linked to the German international, this is a fairly recent development, so there’s still time for Arsenal to pursue him. A move for Schweinsteiger would make a lot of sense for the Gunners, since they’ve made it clear that they have an interest in seeking out a defensive midfielder, and there aren’t any better than Schweinsteiger.

According to a Graham Hunter, a soccer journalist, the Bayern Munich manager feels that Schweinsteiger “doesn’t move the ball quickly enough for the brand of football he’s trying to implicate.”

Now it’s just a game of wait and see, as no huge moves are likely to be made before the World Cup is over. There’s no doubting that there will be plenty of people watching Schweinsteiger as he suits up for his country.

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