Does Manchester United Seriously Think They Can Re-Sign Cristiano Ronaldo?

By Josh Sippie
Michael Regan - Getty Images
Michael Regan – Getty Images

The world probably feels incredibly surreal to Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo right about now. First, he wins the UEFA Champions Cup, then gets injured and his World Cup fitness is in question. Add to that the fact that a Ghanaian witch doctor is claiming that he is responsible for Ronaldo’s injury and that he will never heal, because it’s a spiritual injury.

Now, rumors are circulating that Manchester United are trying to reclaim the Portuguese striker.

United is coming off their worst season in recent memory, finishing seventh and not qualifying for any form of European soccer. After being linked to the likes of Bastian Schweinsteiger, the Red Devils are now flirting with an offer for arguably the greatest striker in the world.

Ronaldo was sold by United in 2009 for a fee of £80 million, and now they’re trying to reclaim him for £73 million.

But how serious is the offer?

I see no reason why Ronaldo would want to move back to United at the current juncture. Not only would he be without European League soccer, but he’d be leaving a team that he’s scored 252 goals in 249 appearances for. As one of the top three players in the world, he is the face of one of the top three teams in the world. Why would anyone want to leave that?

The more likely scenario is that United is making the offer solely as a way of showing their fans that they are serious about doing whatever they can to improve the team.

It’s hard to see such a scenario as anything more.

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