Seattle Sounders Edges Chicago in Fiery Match That Proves MLS On the Rise

By Aydin Reyhan
Harry Shipp Stefan Frei Seattle Soudners Chicago Fire Obafemia Martins
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Some MLS action brought us an entertaining encounter between the Seattle Sounders and Chicago Fire from Toyota Park with the former winning the match 3-2.

There were three names in this match who outshone the rest: Obafemi Martins, who hit home Seattle’s opening two goals in the first half before being ejected, Harrison Shipp for scoring both of Chicago’s goals and Seattle keeper Stefan Frei for making three extremely clutch saves in the second half to keep his team ahead and eventually grab all three points.

This game proved to us that MLS — just like European Leagues — can involve a lot of anger after chippy tackles or bad decisions being made by players as well as the referees. There were a lot of players facing their former clubs tonight and they certainly let their emotions get the best of them. This why mistakes were made and some pretty goals were scored.

When it comes to the game itself, Chicago played a possession-oriented game, looking to build through this to orchestrate successful attacks whereas Seattle looked to hit on the counter. Both of these styles are tactically brilliant, but since one team is having a much better season than the other (Seattle over Chicago), maybe the countering system is the much better style.

Seattle sit atop the Western Conference with 32 points while Chicago stay in ninth in the East with only 14. The difference isn’t just a will to win and knowing how to win, it is the patience that has been shown by Seattle to play all 90 minutes and make sure they can do whatever they can to save or earn the points. Chicago has work to do if they even want to sniff the playoffs later on this year.

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