Diego Costa’s Move to Chelsea Will Prove Unwise

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Diego Costa is a £32 million man in the eyes of Chelsea FC of the English Premier League after it acquired the 25-year-old center forward. The young, talented Spaniard who dominated La Liga with 27 goals and led his team to both a Spanish Cup Championship and the UEFA League Final has officially confirmed his move to Chelsea FC earlier today.

The addition of Costa puts “the Blues” in a very awkward position regarding when and where he will play. Currently on Chelsea’s first team squad, the team has two forwards, including Fernando Torres and Romelu Lukaku. As well, Chelsea are looking to bolster their attack with their potential addition of Cesc Fabregas and Mario Mandẑukić. Bolstering their attack is a smart move considering last season Samuel Eto’o and Fernando Torres tallied only 21 goals combined for “the Blues,” a relatively small amount when compared to Liverpool‘s attacking tandem of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. As well, Torres has not lived up to his £50 million transfer fee by scoring 27 goals for Chelsea in his three-year stint with the team. If deals are completed for both Fabregas and Mandẑukić, Costa might be looking at stepping onto the pitch 30 percent of the time, a reality that probably is not ideal for the young forward.

Managerially, José Mourinho is not a truly offensive manager. He prefers possession and strong midfield play as opposed to his forwards running the show. The only viable option where I see Costa starting is in a wing position. However, I do not believe Costa has a defensive mindset to play both ways of the pitch and be able to contribute offensively. Chelsea’s front office might have jumped the gun on the young star especially since Torres and Lukaku’s contracts are ending in 2016. In my opinion, bring in more established stars first such as Fabregas and Mandẑukić, sign them for three or four years and then decide whether or not it is viable to bring in a more experienced Costa.

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  • Nazeer

    1. Fabregas is not competing with Costa in any way at all, fabregas can play striker yes, but why would there be a need to play Cesc as striker if we have Costa? Fabregas is being brought in to aid our midfield creativity, not as our striker solution.

    2. Mourinho had to be defensively minded last season, surely you would be too if your entire strike force consisted of Torres, Eto’o and Ba? Midfield is where our talent lies, and that’s the strength we played to. Bring in Costa, Mandzukic, and Cesc and boom we’ve got a monumentally more potent attack.

    3. No way is Chelsea even considering playing Costa on the wing, we have Hazard, Willian, Salah, Schurlle to fill those roles. Even Oscar can play the wing better than Costa

    4. I’m sorry but if we wait 3-4 years on Costa, and he does fire can you imagine the price of him then after 3-4 seasons of 20+ goals? Thats Falcoa/Cavanni pricing territory and Chelsea have the money to risk a deal on Costa right now – if we acquire Mario then all the better, we’ll have a solution even if Costa doesn’t fire at first. With Torres we basically didn’t have any back up at all. Now will be an entirely different story