Video of Adriana Lima Advocating World Cup Will Make You a Bigger Soccer Fan

By RanterX

If you’re not familiar with Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, you need to check out our photo gallery of her. In short, you’ll instantly become her biggest fan. While you’re jumping on bandwagons, you’ll probably also become a bigger soccer fan after checking out her advocacy of the World Cup in the video above.

FIFA and Kia should both be applauded for this masterpiece that not only brings to light the World Cup that starts this week and encourages fans to watch it, but also shows us Americans that soccer is a big deal in other countries.

No one is really expecting the U.S. to advance past group play and Americans are probably less likely to watch any of Team USA’s games because Landon Donovan isn’t on the team, regardless of whether that’s good or bad for the Xs and Os of the squad.

Even though Lima isn’t American and neither is her NBA husband, Marko Jaric, she’s proud of the fact her home country is once again hosting the World Cup and she’s probably betting that Brazil will bring the title back home.

Either way, if you weren’t a soccer fan, you should be now. And if you weren’t a Lima fan before, that’s only because you didn’t know about her. So were you living under a rock or what?

Well done, FIFA and Kia. Now let’s see if we can get Hayden Panettiere in a commercial advocating boxing, shall we?


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