2014 World Cup: Chile vs. Australia Is Essentially A Must-Win For Both

By Craig Pearson
Chile midfielder Arturo Vidal
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Every nation taking part in the World Cup this year will be looking at their group and weighing exactly what each individual game means for them and their hopes in Brazil. As Chile and Australia weigh their opening game against each other, they probably wont like what they see, as it is a must-win game for both teams already.

In Group B, Chile and Australia are joined by European heavyweights Spain and the Netherlands. The Spanish and the Dutch are the top two favorites for the group, and they both propose games where points will most likely be at a premium for Chile and Australia. Although certainly not mission impossible, especially for Chile, it does mean that to have a chance to advance a win over each other will be absolutely critical.

As always, the Australians are fierce competitors in any competition or sport that they participate in. They lack the quality of the other three teams in the group, but they do have good leadership from experienced veterans like Tim Cahill and Mark Bresciano. They will compete to the end regardless of anything else, and that makes them a dangerous team to beware of.

The Chileans possess more quality in their team and will be closer to home than anyone else in their group. Chile do possess enough quality to upset either Spain or the Netherlands, but just not enough to be on a par with either of those teams. They are also a dangerous team, though, because of the caliber of player they have in their lineup, which includes Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal.

Both Chile and Australia will be dangerous opponents for the Spanish and the Dutch but for very different reasons. In order to upset either of the favorites to advance, though, one of them is going to have to win the game they play against each other on Friday. If one team does win, then the loser is pretty sure to be going home already — where they will be no danger whatsoever to anybody in Brazil.


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