United States May Have To Host 2022 World Cup

By Jackee Arce
FIFA USA 2022 World Cup
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The 2022 World Cup hosts Qatar have been getting a lot of negative attention since first being announced. It is now being reported that FIFA has reached out to the U.S. and told it to be prepared to take over if Qatar is stripped of its honor of hosting the World Cup. The U.S. was runner up in the bids for the World Cup, which is why FIFA is looking to them. This would be great news for the U.S. and its fans, but it is much to early to say whether or not anything will happen.

Last month, FIFA president Sepp Blatter admitted it was a mistake to allow Qatar to host. He later tried to take back the statement, but it is not one fans will soon forget. Almost every sponsor is looking to FIFA to revise Qatar’s bid. There are rumors of bribery and corruption in Qatar’s successful bid, which is unacceptable, and the sponsors want this reviewed. This is the biggest issue in the whole ordeal. FIFA said it is looking into it, and it’s due to release a report on the matter next month.

There have been many issues arising from Qatar hosting the World Cup even though there are still two World Cups between then and now. Qatar also attempted to move the World Cup from summer to winter, because the country’s weather would be better suited for a winter World Cup. This would have affected many players’ club schedules and would have not made for a good tournament.

The U.S. would do great if given the opportunity to host the 2022 World Cup. Soccer only continues to grow as a sport in the nation, and the country is better equipped to host the tournament than it was last time it hosted in 1994. If it does turn out that Qatar cheated to win its bid, then the U.S. is ready to step up.

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