World Cup: Mexico Can Defeat Cameroon Without Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez

By Jackee Arce
Javier Hernanadez Chicharito Mexico World Cup
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Brazil‘s victory against Croatia was just the start of battle for group A. Tomorrow, Mexico will face off against Cameroon in what should be an easy victory for Mexico; however, the World Cup is often full of surprises, and everyone knows nothing is guaranteed regardless of where a team ranks. Mexico hit its first bump in the road when midfielder Luis Montes broke his leg in a warmup match against Ecuador. This was not something Mexico was expecting and now it will have to go without. It makes things more challenging, but Mexico still plans to win.

When Mexico released its starting IX today, there was one surprising omission: Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez. Although, Hernandez — who is still dealing with a knee injury — rarely starts for his club Manchester United, he is quite the boy wonder for his national team. Many fans hope Hernandez can help lead Mexico to victory in the way Argentina counts on Leo Messi. Of course the players are at different levels, but the expectations are the same. Now that Mexico is set to play its first match without Hernandez as a starter, will it be able to win as easily as expected?

Mexico will still win. Cameroon is very far from Mexico’s level, and Mexico is counting on that. In place of Hernandez, coach Miguel Herrera has put in Oribe Peralta to make his World Cup debut. It may sound like a risky move, but Peralta is a powerful striker from one of the top Mexican clubs. Also, Giovanni Dos Santos will be up top to give Mexico a strong attack. It is unclear whether or not Hernandez will be a substitute; he was subbed in during Mexico’s first match in 2010.

This is a great move on Mexico’s part. Whether or not Hernandez is out, or will be subbed in late in the match, is gives him time to rest. It is better to have him sit this one out and avoid aggravating injuries, which could take him out of matches against Brazil and Croatia — the tougher teams of Group A. If they do sub him into the match against Cameroon, he is quite the supersub as has been witnessed in matches with United. Herrera is using Hernandez in the best way possible.

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