World Cup 2014: Greece Not Living Up To World Ranking Despite Draw

By Collin Ruby
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Ranked at No. 12, one must ask  whether or not Greece are worthy of that high of a ranking. In two games of the World Cup, Greece has lost the first game and tied the second game. In the first game, Greece suffered a 3-0 loss to Colombia and a 0-0 draw to Japan. Now, the loss to Colombia is understandable. Colombia is the favorite to top Group C despite the absence of Radamel Falcao and is ranked No. 8 by FIFA. The draw to Japan is disappointing for both teams but it keeps both Greek and Japanese hopes alive.

Greece was completely dominated by Colombia in the first game and many believed that Greece’s style of play is somewhat boring or too defensive-minded. From what I have seen in the second game, Greece has yet to put forth any offensive effort, which is detrimental, especially in the World Cup where scoring goals is a necessity. The whole game against Japan, Greece has been on their heels while Japan has put on an offensive melee. Throughout the first half, Japan dominated possession 75 percent to 25 percent and seemed to be a trend moving into the second half. Despite playing with only 10 men, Greece attempted to get some shots on net and became more physical; usually it is the opposite when playing with 10 men.

In my opinion, Group C was going to come down to Colombia and either Ivory Coast or Greece moving on, but my belief in Greece has shrunken immensely after the Colombia game and after watching one full half of the Greece and Japan match. I don’t believe that Greece should take full blame towards their hype coming into the World Cup. You have to question what is determining these world rankings and FIFA might be at fault here. For instance, although Spain has won the last three major tournaments coming into the World Cup, they lost their first two games and were eliminated. All I am saying is that FIFA should reevaluate how they decide who is No. 1 and No. 46.

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