2014 World Cup: Police Investigating Fans Who May Have Faked Being Disabled For Seats

By RantSports Staff
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Getty Images

The 2014 World Cup has been tremendously entertaining for fans thus far. All of the news out of the event has basically been positive to this point, minus a few upset fan bases. That is, until now. Apparently, Brazilian police are investigating some pictures that appear to show fans jumping out of their wheelchairs during the first game of this year’s WC.

Here’s a look at what they’re investigating:

Basically it’s thought that the combination of a lack of public tickets and the abundance of disabled seats still available is contributing to the alleged posers at the WC. Because options for seats are limited, people are okay with posing as disabled, which also earns them a substantial discount on the tickets (sometimes up to 50 percent).

According to independent.co.uk, selling tickets in Brazil for more than their face value is punishable by up to four years in prison.

As far as what kind of punishments could be handed out to the alleged posers, you’d have to think a hefty fine would be in order. It’s basically the same concept as putting a handicap sticker in your car and taking premier parking spots.

In this case it appears that the alleged posers weren’t exactly taking seats away from disabled folks, but they most certainly appear to be guilty of unethical behavior.

Hopefully Brazilian police find that people are not abusing the system, but it seems unlikely given the popularity of the WC. Fans will do anything to watch and support their country during the biggest event in sports.

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