Argentina vs. Iran: Is a Blowout on the Horizon?

By Collin Ruby
Argentina Lionel Messi
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The second series of games for Group F will begin today. Unfortunately for Iran, their second game is against an offensive powerhouse of Argentina. Although, Iran has nothing to lose, I don’t see any possible situation where Iran will win this game. I have been wrong before, though. As history suggests, Argentina and Iran have only played one game and it led to a draw between the two teams. So who knows, history might strike twice for Iran? If this game ends in a tie, it will be a complete and total victory for Iran despite only achieving a single point.

Lionel Messi will look to continue his recent form by piling onto his goal total for the 2014 World Cup. Messi scored in the World Cup opener after a long dry spell in his tournament career. To my surprise, as much as I was harping on the Argentina defense, they played better than my expectations despite having five defenders on the back line to contain Edin Dzeko. Argentina will not have to worry too much about Iran having a Dzeko-like forward, so they will probably switch back to four defenders. Argentina’s midfield and forwards will dominate Iran in all fashions of the game.

If I am wrong about my prediction at all, feel free to tell me and I will humbly accept all sorts of comments. I won’t be the only one who believes Iran will get blown out, but crazier things have happened before. There have been a few matches that haven’t gone the way many predicted, but that’s what we love about the World Cup. Anything can happen on the main stage in Brazil. Argentina will win the match, 4-0.

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