2014 World Cup: Americans Want a National Holiday for USMNT's Match Against Germany

By Jackee Arce
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Although it is often said that Americans do not care about soccer, with the plethora of sports they have at their fingertips, it seems the bandwagon gets heavier every day during this summer’s World Cup campaign. Not only did ESPN experience some of the highest viewer ratings from the United States National Team (USMNT) vs. Portugal match, but also social media websites are constantly buzzing about the players and the team’s current ranking. America actually does care about soccer, at least as far as the World Cup is concerned. It’s gotten to the point where an online petition was made in order to make Thursday, June 26 a national holiday allowing everyone to take the day off work.

Not unexpectedly, the petition still lacks more than 99,000 signatures needed to be taken seriously. The joke is that no one is taking this seriously, because regardless of how many people would love a day off to watch soccer and hang out with friends, this is just a shout in the void. Fans of the sport will need to continue figuring out how to sneak out of the office to watch USMNT take on Germany in what can be a do-or-die match for their escape from group. The next round is at arm’s reach, and the Americans who are signing the petition hope their collective cheers from the states can be heard in Brazil.

The USMNT are getting support from all over the world, and they need every supporter who is willing on their side. Bandwagoners are welcome with open arms, because in a nation full of so many sports, having someone falling in love with the World Cup is the first step. There is live professional soccer all over the U.S., but for whatever reason many people only enjoy soccer once every four years on a television screen. Even though this petition won’t make it very far, bringing attention to the fact people love the USMNT is important, because after that fans will look to MLS to continue watching the beautiful game.

Watch the USMNT match against Germany in whatever way you choose, because it will be a beauty.

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