2014 World Cup: Netherlands vs. Chile Will Be An All-Out War

By Collin Ruby
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Despite standing atop Group B, the Netherlands will look to play their normal lineup in an attempt to win all three games and avoid playing Brazil in the first game of the second stage. Chile find themselves in the same position as the Netherlands, but are behind in goal differential. Due to this, Chile will need to win by a one to avoid playing Brazil in the second round.

Expect a game that will go down to the wire and possibly end up in a draw due to how good both these teams are. Is it wrong to ask for a game that ends with a high goal total? If seven goals were scored in this game, I would be incredibly ecstatic. I doubt it will happen, but at the rate that all these goals are being scored, I would not be surprised.

For the Netherlands, I anticipate Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie to continue their 2014 World Cup performances and, and for Wesley Sneijder to get a goal. The young goalscorer Memphis Depay will enter into the game in the second half to give the Dutch some fresh legs and quick offense.

The defensive unit for the Dutch will need to forget about the game against Australia and play more similar to the game against Spain. The Chileans have a strong midfield which can be compared to Spain’s, and Chile will look to spread the defense out wide, allowing for crosses to come into the box from Alexis Sanchez.

Chile have been extremely impressive in this World Cup, beating Australia and reigning world champions Spain. Ranked 14th by FIFA, they are look to live up to that ranking and to move closer to cracking the top-10. One way to do that would be to beat the Dutch and top Group B.

The Chileans have a few advantages. One advantage is very strong midfield supported by Arturo Vidal. The second advantage is having thousands upon thousands of fans frantically rushing into the stadium to back up their native team. Having supportive fans is crucial in World Cup games because it can swing the momentum completely in one’s favor.

This game will come down to the final whistle. Trust me — it will not disappoint you as a soccer fan.

Collin Ruby is a Soccer Writer for RantSports.com, follow him on Twitter @Collin_Ruby

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