2014 World Cup Preview: Brazil vs. Cameroon

By Aydin Reyhan
Brazil Cameroon World Cup Preview
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Brazil defeated Croatia 3-1 then drew with Mexico with a 1-1 scoreline in their opening World Cup games. Now, they face a Cameroon team that lost 1-0 to the latter and 4-0 to the former. Therefore, it makes sense that Brazil will win on paper, but games are not played on paper.

If the Brazilians lose by a single goal while Mexico and Croatia tie, they will finish above Croatia on goal differential while Mexico finished in third, exiting the competition along with last-placed Cameroonians. If Brazil tie or win, they win the group.

Neymar has scored two goals thus far and will look to make an example out of a shaky defense that has already allowed five goals in two matches. He has been the architect in the final third when it comes to taking on players, taking shots and trying to pinpoint passes to teammates whenever he has to. He will have to be a bit unselfish as he must get others involved, knowing they can complete plays.

The defense has been strong in the air, but they have been weak when it comes to closing down space on the ground even outside their 18 as the Mexicans could have scored three or four goals from distance with a bit more accuracy. They will have to tighten up at the center with the wing-backs pushing up only when need be, as they complete the entire back line.

As for the Cameroonians, they will want to score a goal just to give their fans something to smile about. If they somehow manage to win, they can go home proudly knowing that they just defeated the host nation, favorites to win it all.

Prediction: Brazil 4, Cameroon 1

The hosts will easily break this defense down and score four goals. After realizing that they have this one in the bag, they will let their foot off the gas, thus allowing their opponents to score a single goal.

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