2014 World Cup: Altered Game Plan Leads Greece To Victory vs. Ivory Coast

By Aydin Reyhan
Greece Ivory Coast World Cup
Getty Images

Ivory Coast were only second away from making history by making the round of 16 at the World Cup for the first time ever. However, a foul by Giovanni Sio on Greece‘s Angelos Samaras in the area broke dreams and hearts of all Ivorian fans.

The Greeks are never a pretty team to watch as their build-up is slow and never guaranteed to produce. However, today turned out to be a different story. Their passing, running off the ball and daring attitude rip shots on frame from all cylinders proved to be vital. Their first goal came on the counter, with their second being a penalty. Besides those two strikes, they hit the woodwork twice off hard shots. They definitely deserved this win.

The Ivory Coast seemed to underestimate the Greeks as they were at nowhere near the level of determination today as they were against Japan and Colombia. When they attacked, they did so with numbers but always seemed to lose the ball near the last second before being able to set up something worthwhile. Their energy level ran out quicker than they would have liked.

For the losing side, Didier Drogba started this game and played over 80 minutes. As you may know, he is 36 and came off the bench in the first two games, bringing in leadership and decent creation offensively. That plan worked very well in the first two games, which is why it is truly mind-boggling that the coach decided to start him today. If it is not broken, do not fix it.

Now, Greece will take on Group D winners Costa Rica in a match where neither side should be underestimated. The Costa Ricans will be playing a lighter side on paper, which will propel them to attack while Greece will hit hard on the counter and be brave enough to attack more. This is going to be a fun game for both sides.

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