English Premier League: How Will Luis Suarez's Suspension Affect Liverpool FC?

By Collin Ruby
David Ramos - Getty Images Sport
David Ramos – Getty Images Sport

In a decision that was handed down today by FIFA today, Luis Suarez will be suspended for the remaining matches of the 2014 World Cup, as well as four months of football-related activity. This came as a result of his most recent exploit of biting Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder in a tight-locked game to see which team would advance into the second stage.

Not only will Suarez be suspended for the remaining World Cup games, he will be suspended for four months succeeding the World Cup. This has dire consequences for his club team and his transfer market status. Liverpool FC will be without the striker, who brought in a 30-plus goal season and almost a Premier League Championship.

Suarez has also been on record stating that he would fancy a transfer to the Spanish Primera Division with a club transfer to Real Madrid or Barcelona. With a four-month suspension and a long history of biting people, along with the occasional racism, who would take a chance on Suarez?

Yes, we understand he scores goals – but how much water does that argument hold? Teams will be increasingly cautious of Suarez due to the negative connotations that are associated with him.

After his second biting incident, Liverpool were on the fence about retaining the Uruguayan forward, but Suarez was able to convince management he was a changed man. Well, apparently not. Liverpool will look at this and might not give him a third chance. Suarez is hazardous to the team atmosphere, and the team needs to reevaluate whether or not it is smart to have Suarez on the pitch.

Liverpool is in quite the predicament, and should consider the option of transferring out Suarez and obtaining another top forward to take his place next to Daniel Sturridge.

A few options that may interest the Reds include Belgium forward, Divock Origi, and Ghanaian forward Andre Ayew. Who knows? Suarez has a high transfer fee and if Liverpool are able to unload him, the club might be able to secure two players for the price of one. This situation will leave Liverpool fans nervous, but hopeful at the same time.

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