2014 World Cup Preview: Uruguay vs. Colombia

By Aydin Reyhan
Colombia Uruguay World Cup Preview
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The World Cup Round of 16 commences tomorrow with Colombia taking on Uruguay as the second game. Both teams are full of talent, great coaching and a will to win. However, there is one sour note: the fact that Luis Suarez will not lead the front line for Uruguay after being expelled from the tournament due to biting Italy‘s Giorgio Chiellini.

Suarez single-handedly took down England in the group stage for the 2-1 victory. He claimed he was at 50 percent fitness and still got the job done. Against Italy, he did nothing but stir up trouble. Still, he would have been a valuable asset to the team tomorrow as he could have done a lot of damage to any defense. Regardless, his country will be without his talents.

Uruguay will be relying on Diego Forlan to fill his shoes in the starting 11. He was the Golden Ball winner back in 2010 when is was just a shade over 30. Now at 35, he is not as fast or skilled, but he brings invaluable experience and is useful with set pieces. He will be backed up by Edinson Cavani, who will be playing right beside him perhaps in a 4-4-2 formation.

Colombia have been flying high after winning all three of their group games. James Rodriguez is leading the team up the field with his passing abilities in addition to his smart scoring. He is always in position in a timely manner. His skill and ability to score from an open play or a set-piece makes him a danger.

The strikers of Colombia have been sharing the wealth as Teofilo Gutierrez and Jackson Martinez have proven to be worthy starters. Both will be willing to represent their country tomorrow and may perhaps start together if given the chance. Another man who is offensive-minded is Juan Cuadrado, who does some brilliant work on the wings. He will definitely be a menace.

Prediction: Colombia 3, Uruguay 1

Both teams will have trouble at times, but in the end, we will see the better side be victorious.

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