2014 World Cup: Germany Will Absolutely Dismantle France

By Josh Sippie
Stu Forster - Getty Images
Stu Forster – Getty Images

The official odds of the game have Germany and France split at 50/50 for who will advance. I could not disagree more. This Germany team has been underwhelming so far the World Cup. They haven’t been the dominant force that everyone expected to see. As the No. 2 (now likely No. 1) team in the world, they are expected to control games and dominate their opponents.

France are the perfect candidate to get Germany back on track.

Germany are a physical, possession-wielding team. France cannot match up physically against the size and physical prowess of their European neighbors. It will be hard for Karim Benzema to find any space in the midst of the size of Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng. Benzema isn’t known for his speed either, so it’s not like he’ll be running circles around the big German back line.

Everywhere on the field, the Germans outsize the French. The one area that France could out-duel the Germans is on the wings with Luis Valbuena and Antoine Griezman, whose speed could wreak havoc. But at the end of the day they’re going to have to move it into the box, and once you get there, Benzema and maybe Olivier Giroud if he gets subbed won’t be able to establish position inside.

But the Germans will have to score obviously. That too shouldn’t be a problem. Their attack is led by Miroslav Klose, the all-time German lead scorer. Add him to the creativity of an inspired Mesut Ozil, the always dangerous Thomas Muller and the hulking Bastian Schweinsteiger, and the French center backs will have their hands full.

Obviously no game is won by their lineups, but these lineups strongly favor a much larger, much physically dominant German team.

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