Real Madrid Should Snag Toni Kroos From Chelsea, Manchester United

By Collin Ruby
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Reportedly, Germany and Bayern Munich midfielder, Toni Kroos, is close to a deal with reigning UEFA League Champions, Real Madrid. Kroos’ name has been on the transfer watch list for many powerful teams in Europe, including Manchester United and Real Madrid. A bidding war emerged between the two teams and the 24-year-old last week. An apparent deal for Kroos has totaled €25 million to Real Madrid. However, a deal has not been fully reached between the two parties as many other teams have looked to steal Kroos from Real Madrid.

Bayern Munich and Kroos failed to agree to a new deal with the German Bundesliga club allowing Kroos to openly pursue a new deal with other clubs within Europe. However, due to the timing of the deal, confirmation of the accepted deal will have to linger until after the World Cup. Kroos has been impressive at both the club and international level, and has plenty of potential and skill in the many years that Kroos has left in his legs.

Due to Manchester United losing out of the Kroos signing, the Red Devils had to turn to other midfielders such as William Carvalho of Sporting Lisbon and Juan Cuadrado of Fiorentina. Louis Van Gaal has over £250 million to spread throughout the transfer window and has begun by signing Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera, and more are expected to come.

Kroos will look to become part of a winning tradition at Bernabau as Real Madrid looks to also add James Rodriguez to compete with FC Barcelona and their recent signing of Luis Suarez, as well as reigning Spanish Primera Division champion Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid has the money and prestige to sign the midfielder where Kroos will prosper and assist Real Madrid to a championship.

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