World Cup 2014: Brazil in Trouble Against Germany Without Neymar, Thiago Silva

By Josh Sippie
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With how much Neymar was writhing on the ground in the match against Colombia, few could have imagined the severity of his collision with Juan Camilo Zuniga. But severe it was, as the electric attacker is out for the rest of the World Cup with a fractured vertebrae.

So despite the solid victory over a very good Colombian team, the question now becomes whether or not the Brazilians can overcome the German giants without their star striker and without their captain, Thiago Silva, who notched his second yellow card.

I don’t think they can. We still have not seen the full German potential. They are fully capable of controlling a game and without the defense-piercing capabilities of Neymar, it will be down to Fred and Hulk to do the majority of the attacking. While they are talented and physical players, they can be easily out-manned by a German defense that can put a plethora of large, powerful defenders along the back four to shut them down.

Much like the rest of the South American teams, Brazil is incredibly attack-oriented, whereas Germany play a more controlled game. It will be hard for the Brazilians to be as effective in their tactics if Neymar isn’t there to spearhead their attack. It was going to be hard enough already, with that German defense and Bastian Schweinsteiger just in front of them.

The German attack will be free of the Brazilian captain Silva, another crucial loss. The Germans, like I said, have not completely broken out. Even against France, while they controlled the majority of the game, they only scored one goal. Germany can do so much more, and without having to contend with Neymar and Silva, they will have every opportunity to do so.

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