2014 World Cup: Tim Krul’s Classless Antics During Shootout Mar Already Shaky Dutch Win

Gabriel Bouys - Getty Images

Gabriel Bouys – Getty Images

I like the Dutch. I really do. They are a European club that plays more like a South American club. It’s an incredibly exciting style of play behind three of the best attackers in the world. But Costa Rica was the sweetheart of the 2014 World Cup, the team it was impossible to root against. They were hanging with the best clubs in the world with a national population just over half the size of New York City. So when they stepped up into a shootout against a powerhouse Dutch squad, the anticipation was electric.

And it was there that Tim Krul established himself as the villain, proudly taunting each individual Costa Rican player as if he were the second coming of Edwin van der Sar. Well,  Krul, you’re not.

Normally I don’t mind if someone trash talks, so long as they get the job done, which Krul did. But here’s why this left a sour taste in my mouth.

First of all, you’re the second-choice keeper. Jasper Cillessen beat you out for the starting spot, and you celebrate this point by running your mouth in your first action of the World Cup. If you want to psyche yourself up, that’s fine, walk to the goal, turn your back and pump yourself up. There’s no reason to spout in the face of the Costa Ricans.

Secondly, this is a game that you were supposed to win. The Costa Ricans are one of the best underdog success stories the World Cup has ever seen. Each team they faced was supposed to beat them, and being a European powerhouse, so were you. This team fought you tooth and nail through 120 brutal minutes, exceeding all expectations, and you show respect like this? If trash talking a team you were supposed to beat is your gig, then so be it.

This isn’t a “show of confidence” like some people are calling it. It’s a show of arrogance. A second-rate keeper wanting to prove why he’s the boss by trying to verbally rattle the underdog is nothing to be praised.

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  • Ragssuck

    This was Krul’s chance to show his skills, he likely will not see another game. If you want to go out with a bang you are gonna do anything you can to prove to the world that you are a good goalkepper and should be #1. He got the job done. And yeah the Netherlands were supposed to win, but its not like Costa Rica dominated the game, and the Netherlands hung on for dear life. Costa Rica only knows how to defend Scheider hit the cross bar twice, and Van Persie had his usual meltdown. The better team won, I do not care what Krul did to push them over the edge.

    • Josh Sippie

      You’re absolutely right, he got the job done, and that is really the only thing that matters. I just don’t like to see unwarranted trash talking like that. I didn’t see what Krul did after the game, if he shook the Costa Ricans hands or not… I just remember yelling at the TV for him to shut up and play the game. I’m a fan of sportsmanship, especially with David Luis and James Rodriguez hugging in recent memory. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

      • Ragssuck

        how about his opposition, Navas?

        Penalty one: Navas approaches Van Persie with the ball and says something

        Penalty two: Navas approaches Robben and says something, and does some kind of a salsa dance in the box while Robben shoots

        Penalty three: Navas kicks the ball away after Schneider sends him the wrong way.

        Penalty four: Navas possibly says something to Kuyt from distance.

        Now Krul made it more obvious, but I disagree with you that Costa Rica were completely blameless. They clearly were playing for penalties from the start of the game. God, well if you believe in God like they do was on their side for the first 120 minutes, with the Dutch playing a clean game. Robben had 0 dives, and to be honest the player from Costa Rica should have been sent off on the 92 minute for the foul on Robben, with the second yellow card. By the time the penalties arrived God abandoned them, cause he got bored of their Greece 2004 approach of “if we do not let a goal in, we will not lose”

        • Josh Sippie

          I do agree that that tackle on Robben should have been a send-off. But I can’t hold it against the Costa Ricans for playing for penalties. They knew their own limitations, that’s just good play from them to be able to hold the Dutch that long.

          As far as Navas goes, I don’t think he was nearly as bad as Krul. He kicked the ball away out of frustration, nothing more. I’d have to look at this “Salsa dance” though, I don’t remember that.

          • Jockofthebushveld

            Krul had every right to let the players know that he knew which way they would go and that’s exactly what he did! In fact, the Costa Rican players could have changed their targets and proved him wrong! You were yelling at the TV? You had no idea what he was saying! This is classic gamesmanship and it shows why we play sports as humans: someone has to WANT it more.

          • Josh Sippie

            I didn’t know what he was saying, you’re right. But I could guess from his body language that it wasn’t too pleasant. Plus, he followed them after making a save. I’m sorry, but that’s overkill. Do your job and be quiet….. there’s no need to jaw at every living being.